Boost scrubbers are the best solution for all industrial applications such as warehouses, load/unload areas etc. Costs efficiency is the added value of this rider scrubber.

Robust and compact steel chassis, strong water tanks and heavy duty mechanical components makes Scrubber Cleaners able to stand heavy working conditions.

Ergonomics are a big plus of this rider scrubber. Very large space for legs, comfortable drive position, very few and simple switches makes the machine pleasant to use and quick to learn.

Every detail of this rider scrubber has been designed in order to have the best cleaning result and low running cost even from inexperienced users.

Model Specification
Model Scrubbing path Squeegee width Solution tank capacity Recovery tank capacity


Cleaning performance
20.4-E 430mm 440mm 17L 20L 230V 1720sqm/h
20.4-B 430mm 440mm 17L 20L 24V 1720sqm/h
30.5-E 450mm 670mm 30L 30L 230V 1800sqm/h
30.5-B 450mm 670mm 30L 30L 24V 1800sqm/h
30.5-BT 450mm 670mm 30L 30L 24V 1800sqm/h
50.5-E 500mm 750mm 50L 50L 230V 2000sqm/h
50.5-BT 500mm 750mm 50L 50L 24V 2000sqm/h
50.6-BT2 600mm 850mm 50L 50L 24V 2400sqm/h
50.5-BTR 505mm 750mm 50L 50L 24V 2020sqm/h
90.7-BT2 650mm 980mm 90L 77L 24V 3250sqm/h
90.9-BT2 850mm 980mm 90L 77L 24V 4250sqm/h
110.6-BT1 550mm 775mm 105L 115L 48V 3200sqm/h
100.7-BT2 680mm 870mm 105L 115L 48V 4000sqm/h
150.7-BT2 680mm 1030mm 150L 170L 48V 4000sqm/h
150.8-BT2 734mm 1435mm 150L 170L 48V 4500sqm/h
150.9-BT2 836mm 1435mm 150L 170L 48V 5000sqm/h
150.8-BTR 1750mm 1435mm 150L 170L 48V 4500sqm/h
300.10-BT 1000mm 1300mm 300L 280L 36V 7000sqm/h
300.12-BT 1200mm 1470mm 300L 280L 36V 8400sqm/h
300.10-BTR 1000mm 1300mm 300L 280L 36V 7000sqm/h
Combi 1150mm 1350mm 220L 210L 36V 8400sqm/h


The counter-rotating disc brushes

  • Easily replaceable washing brushes
  • Parabolic floor squeegee 
  • Easily accessible filter and suction motor
  • High density polyethylene tanks resistant to shocks and corrosion
  • Tyres may be replaced without any tools

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